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Best Thriller Book to read in 2020

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Hey readers! I hope you are doing great, Today I am going to share some best thriller book you must read in 2020, 

According to the research on reader behavior during and after the lockdown, uncovered an interesting fact that readers are consuming more books since lockdown began. Recently people in the UK almost doubled the amount of the time they spend on reading books.

‘Crime and thrillers’ is the genre of readers’ love since the outbreak of COVID-19. Thriller books have a way of holding even the calmest readers. If you are beginners start with crime, mystery, and thrillers because by investing in a book that leaves you itching to read more, you will quickly fall into the suspense and never to return.

Psychological thrillers, action thrillers, and crime thrillers are just a few of the different types of books you might love to read. If you want to imbue into the pages of a good novel, or you want to escape from your boring quarantine period for a short while, a well-written thriller will help.

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So here we are with some of the best nail-biting, plot-twisting best thriller books to read in 2020.




SummarySniper’s Eye is a suspense-thriller story based on a terrorist attack that happened in Mumbai. Mainak’s fabulous writing style accompanied by a brilliant plot-twisting, keep you in a grip till the end.

This tale revolves around an Ex major in the Indian army and main protagonist, Aaditya Ghosh. The story begins with a man shot in front of the eyes of the main character Aaditya and his date Zoya. Aaditya tries to save the situation and suddenly he becomes the limelight, media portrays him as a hero. But the next day, the media founds out his dark past and calls him as a killer.

Now a kill list goes up on the internet which includes Aaditya’s name also. So he decides to help the IB officer by putting himself as bait to capture the terrorist. But soon he realizes he and Zoya are now in danger.

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An award-winning debut novel – ‘THE CHALK MAN’ is a mysterious story alternating between flashbacks and the present day. This story saves its best suspense for the final.

The story starts in 1986, Eddie and his friends are just kids spending their days biking around and looking for any excitement they can get. The chalk men are their secret code and little chalk stick figures they leave for one another as messages only they can understand. But then a mysterious chalk man leads them right to a teenage girl’s dead body.

In 2016, Eddie is fully grown and thinks that he’s put his past behind him. But one day he gets a letter in the mail, containing a single chalk stick figure. When he learns that his friends got the same message, they think it could be a prank . . . until one of them turns up dead.

That’s when Eddie realizes that saving himself means finally figuring out what happened all those years ago. You must read this best thriller book

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Chetan bhagat came up with a different storyline ‘an unlove story’ in this book. ‘THE GIRL IN ROOM 105’ is a murder mystery fiction novel. This is the best book for a beginner to start their journey.

This story is about an IIT student Keshav Rajpurohit and his Ex-girlfriend Zara Lone. Zara calls his ex-boyfriend Keshav to her hostel room no. 105 on her birthday. When Keshav goes to wish her, he found her murdered…..

Keshav decides to solve her murder case by himself along with his friend Saurabh. This story revolves around how he finds the killer and what he does to find the killer. The murder mystery has a twist and turns, keep you turning the page till the end.

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One arranged murder by Chetan bhagat starts from the end of his previous book ‘the girl in room 105’. ‘One Arranged Murder’ is a fascinating murder mystery set in a backdrop of an arranged marriage. Other than suspense, it is also filled with humor and love.

The storyline revolves around two best friends Keshav and Sourabh. They started a detective agency-‘Z detective’. Now they are not friends anymore, they are not talking to each other.

One of them got engaged to a girl named Prerna and he is deeply in love with her. On the day of Karva Chauth, she fasted for him. Prerna called him to the terrace in the evening to break the fast. But when he reached there she was not there. Later she is found dead.
Was it murder or accident?

Again the duo Keshav and Sourabh try to solve this mysterious case.

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The Girl on the Train is one of the best thriller book by Paula Hawkins. This debut novel of Paula Hawkins is a thriller filled with suspenseful, shocking twists at every turn that will both stun and leave the reader wanting more and thrilled.

The Girl on the Train story revolves around the character Rachel Watson an alcoholic divorcee, who has spent the last few years tripping through life in a booze-filled depression ever since her husband left her married another woman.

Now she spends away her day riding the train to and from London, despite having been fired from her job. The train daily makes a stop at her old neighborhood and here she spies a couple appearing to be living a perfect life. Then all of a sudden events take unexpected turns and twists.

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The Four Patriots is debut novel by Sumit Agarwal reached the Amazon bestseller list in a very short time. This book is about the thrilling journey of four individuals who were disappointed with the current Indian political scenario.


The four patriots – Salman, Varun, Raghav, Aditya. Fate brings these four lives together at a crossroad and forms a formidable force to fight against an unstoppable evil force which wants to hold our country captive.

But as these four companions start their impossible work, they realize their path is not an easy one because they will now come face to face with the biggest challenges of their lives and thousands who will oppose and are hungry for their flesh and blood.

So will they succeed? Will they come out of it alive? Will they able to destroy the trap laid down by the enemies of India. To know this and much more, read this racy, contemporary thriller.

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The silent patient is the best psychological thriller novel by Alex Michaelides. This thriller novel is a maze-like exploration of the psyches of a woman who is convicted of murdering her husband and the therapist who determined the treat her.

In this debut novel of Michaelides, Alicia is a well-known painter who murdered her husband six years ago and hasn’t spoken a word since and Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist who hopes to treat her and uncover the mystery of killing her husband. The main clue he has is a painting she completed.

Will he able to solve the mystery? For people who loves thrillers, mysteries with twisty plots, you must read this best thriller book.

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I hope you enjoyed this aritcle on Best Thriller Book to read in 2020. Please spread this article with you friend and family an give your feedback on below comment box.

Stay safe and Keep read!!

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