Designer face mask 2020

Is Designer Face Mask A New Fashion Trend 2020 ?

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Today, face masks are the new “normal” for all of us, and mask matching with attire are in demand. As the increase in COVID-19, Government has been recommending people to wear a face mask to protect ourselves and others as well from the virus.

In this COVID 19  pandemic, the designer face masks emerged as a symbol of our new reality.

Masks are for protection but it is also a sign of showing that you care for the community. We all are safe at our home but the problem is that if we go out of our homes, we should need to take protection; therefore, the mask becomes a necessity.

Now the necessity is growing as a trend or a fashion. Masks, like clothes, are becoming a way of self-expression wearing a solid color plain mask that gets boring. Most people are now opting for a designer face masks as a way of self-expression.

You will find brides and grooms wearing customized designer masks or those color-coordinating masks with their clothes, making it a fashion statement.

Across the globe – from the world’s biggest fashion brands to the independent tailors started to manufacture fashionable face mask.

Are you bored of wearing a simple or surgical face mask? Here are some cool and trendy  face masks, These masks made of colored or printed fabric; they were nothing close to the boring black, grey, or white masks that we were buying earlier.



Vastramay floral maskFloral prints are the symbol of freshness and beauty. You can bring out your girlish charm with these floral designer face mask you wear.  Floral designer masks by VASTRAMAY Unisex were best for this summer and monsoon season and they are fashionable too.









comoflogue face maskOne of those trends that our eye caught was that of camouflage prints. It is the right time to bring out your wild side while blending in with camouflage printed designer masks by ASIAN Unisex.










Kids mask 2020These washable kids’ masks from The Advitya made of 2-Layer cotton masks come in adorable prints; your little one will love. These are specially designed to fit their smaller faces.

These masks are sized down to fit kids from Age 3-12 Year. They have a huge variety of Children Masks products at the best price. Children will definitely like this masks.








Urban yogi denim wafle maskThese Denim Waffle Mask by Urban Yogi made of cotton will protect you from Pollutants, Dust, Sand, and Pollen.


These are comfortable and breathable wider face masks. Urban Yogi claims that these Designer masks are washable up to 30 washes and reusable. If you are Denim lover you must buy this cool designer face mask.








quirky face is known for its style and quirky products. These Coolest printed face masks online that will not only protect you from the virus and dust but will also enhance your personality.

They claim that these are the most comfortable masks available online.  They are Breathable and Reusable 3 layered printed masks.









wedding masksFor those who are getting married in COVID-19, this would be an extraordinary thing to hear that designers were coming with a new trend of wedding masks to match up with your wedding dress and accessories to make your special day more special.





Things to keep in mind before buying this designer face mask :

  1. It should be thick and be made with multiple layers of fabric.
  2. Masks should be made from good quality cloth so that you will be able to wash them.
  3. It should be rest under the chin and the bridge of your nose.
  4. Masks should be fit, you should be able to breathe easily with it.

These non-surgical cloth masks are only for general protection not intended for medical purposes and not to be shared with others to prevent contamination. These masks are great for protecting your airways from dust, allergens, chemicals, and smoke to help you breathe easier and stay germ-free.

Do not wear the mask for more than six hours continuously.  This mask may help to slow the spread of coronavirus but it will not completely minimize the risk of coronavirus. Apart from wearing a face mask, you should take care of your health and fitness level.

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Stay safe and Keep smile!!

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