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Best Romantic Books to Read By Indian Authors

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Romance is one of the most liked and popular genre types among all. These types of genres primarily focus on the romantic relationship between two people and the emotional and optimistic endings. Here I gathered a list of Best Romantic Books by an Indian author to read in 2020.

According to a survey conducted on romance readers entertainment, relaxation, and escape are the reason most often cited for reading romance books. Romance makes life beautiful, romance books are like a medicine that let you get a good night’s sleep or a pain reliever and make you feel good. They are our lifesaver, a way to pass time while traveling, or a treat at the end of a hard day.

Indian authors have delivered some of the best romantic novels and love stories over the years. Romantic novels written by Indian authors are gaining huge response among the readers. However, it is difficult to find the best ones from all these romance novels by Indian authors. Read to know some of the best and must-read romantic and love books by Indian authors.

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8 Best Romantic Books 


Right From the Start…She Stole His Heart

Author—Prachi Gupta and Sanchit GargShe stole his heart

Review and Summary

Right from the Start…She Stole his heart is a contemporary romance story that revolves around  5 college friends and their stories with the elements of friendship, romance, comedy, and family as well as more serious shades of reality and hope.  This story will make you believe in the fact that opposites attract each other. The twists and turns in every section make it more intriguing.

The main protagonist of the story Radhika Gupta joins the college meets a few crazy people with different tastes and opinions. Radhika’s life turned upside down by an unusual proposal from one of her friends and a fellow student Sameer and her friends also face some incidents in their life.

Will the incidents change the life of Radhika and her friends? Who will end up with whom? Will the love stories have a happy ending? To know all the answers you have to read this book.

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Until Love Sets Us Apart: To Love with Love

Author – Aditya Nighhot

Until Love sets us Apart

Review and Summary

Until Loves Sets Us Apart, To Love with Love is a fiction love story inspired by a real incident, This ‘Best Romantic Book of the Year’ award-winning book is about undying love, romance, friendship, college days, pain, loss, hurt, and the game that the destiny plays and is a complete page-turner. Until Loves Sets Us Apart, To Love with Love is a complete package of romance, mystery, and thriller and is a must-read for youngsters.

The Main protagonist Rohit is a completely aimless, imperfect, and carefree stud who fell in love with Aisha. Rohit and Aisha are like chalk and cheese. Aisha is a perfectionist and focused opposite to Rohit. Rohit and Aisha love each other and seem to be made for each other. However, the story soon shifts into another gear, when an unforeseen tragedy happened and changed their lives completely.

What was the incident? What turned a medical student into a murderer?  You must read this book to know all the answers. This story will break your heart and may make you shed tears.

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The Girl in the Dream

Author – Pravin Aggarwal

Best romance ook by indian authors

Review and Summary

The Girl in the Dream ( a love story planned 500 years ago) is a novel for all the readers who love reading modern Indian fiction. The author beautifully penned down the story of love at present and past. This novel is managed to blend love with mystery, thrilling, mythology, betrayal, hope, and fantasy with lots of twists and turns.

The story revolves around the four characters – Vivaan, Riya, Rachit, and Swarna.  The protagonist Vivaan is a scientist in NASA and he is having a weird dream with a mysterious girl in her bridal wear which is disturbing him regularly and some of his dreams turn into reality. He moves to Madhya Pradesh, India to unravel the mystery behind his dream.


Who is the mysterious girl? Will all the dreams of Vivaan come true? What the connection between Vivian, Riya, Rachit, and Swarna in past? How they related to each other? You have to read this best romantic books to know about his dream and connection with a 500-year-old mystery.

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A Half Baked Love Story

Author – Anurag Garg and Gunjan Narang

Half Baked Love Story

Review and Summary

A Half Baked Love Story, a National Best Seller is a light romance fiction penned down by Anurag Garg and Gunjan Narang. This book will show a different perspective of Love and Life. It will make you understand how your life deserves a second chance after a terrible haunting past and how to find happiness in your present life.

The story revolves around the main protagonist Aarav, a rich spoiled brat who sleeps with every girl. However, things are different from what they seem like. On the year night, Aarav tells his drunkard friends about his first love, Anamika,  the girl who meant to world to him. There unfolds the reason behind his current temperament and an innocent love story.

Have you been prey to love at first sight? Went to your first date with an empty wallet? Proposed the girl after boozing and fainted without knowing her answer? Got caught kissing your girlfriend by none other than her father? Well if this excites you enough, you have to read this heart touching love story. Must buy this best romantic books

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You Were My Crush: Till You Said You Love Me!

Author – Durjoy Dutta and Orvana Ghai

You were my crush

Review and Summary

You were my crush is another bestseller by Durjoy Dutta. This best romantic book will provoke you to think about your relationship. This story forces you to introspect yourself as it elaborates on how every human being has a dark side. This love story book also throws light upon the unorthodox love between parents and children.

The story revolves around Benoy Roy a nerd and carefree protagonist, a college stud, a heartbreaker who lost his mother due to cancer, and having a strained relationship with his father. Benoy’s life takes an unexpected turn when he became friend with Diya and fall in love with her sister Shaina after seeing her in a picture with Diya on Facebook.

What happens next? Will Benoy able to persuade Shaina? And Will his relationship with his father improves? Will Benoy become a responsible person? Find all the answers in You Were My Crush by Durjoy Dutta.

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You are the Best Wife: A True Love Story

Author—Ajay K Pandey

You are my best wife

Review and Summary

Ajay K Pandey’s debut book You are the Best Wife based on the true account of the author and his wife’s love story. It is a very emotional love story and a profound journey and struggles with life show excellently after his wife left him midway. This story is told with frankness and doses of humor.

It is a story of Ajay, a Brahmin boy, and Bhavana, a Kayastha girl. Ajay loves living for himself while Bhavana loves living for others. Yet, they fall in love and they get married and love changes both of them for good.  A four relationship becomes a long distance relationship when Ajay goes to Pune for his MBA and Bhavan started work in Hyderabad.

However, destiny had some other plans for them and midway through their happiness, Bhavana had to resign from life. But does this tragedy mean the end of love? Which last word of his wife gave him the strength to live on and fulfill his promise of love? Read this book to know what happened next.

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Will you Still Love me?

Author – Ravinder Singh

Best Romantic book by ravinder singh

Review and Summary

Another masterpiece by Ravinder Singh. Will you still love me?  Is also a contemporary best romantic books

of a couple different from each other in every aspect. This story shows the love and understanding we all want from our partner. The scenic beauty of North-Eastern states and Patiala is beautifully described by the author as you could imagine the sights in your mind and makes you want to be at those places.

The main protagonist of this story is Rajveer and Lavanya. Lavanya, an independent, strong, and confident northeastern girl, and Rajveer, a Punjabi guy who doesn’t care about traffic rules. Rajveer’s lack of interest in following traffic rules costs him everything and it changes his life for good. In short, this is a beautiful journey of happy couples and how they face their ups and downs of life together.

A must-read for romantic fiction lovers. The message conveyed in this book like reckless driving, disobeying traffic rules, corrupted system, and treating north Indian differently make it different from other romantic novels

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I am an Average Looking Boy… Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Author – Roopesh Kumar

Average looking boy

Review and Summary

I am an Average Looking Boy by Roopesh Kumar is a heart touching love story. The author cleverly penned down the emotion of a guy with an average look and a beautiful girl. Their journey is filled with love, friendship, comedy, and tragedy as their relationship moves from the phase of friendship to love.

This story is about an intelligent and average looking boy Vidy and a beautiful girl Dibisha. They met under the virgin tree, Hindu college. Dibisha found him not her cup of tea. But very soon they became close friends. He fell in love with her. He did never confess his love. For her, he was just an average looking boy. She can go lingerie shopping with him and she doesn’t feel odd. He can hold her hand while crossing the road. But they are just friends.

Read this book to know what happens next. Will he ever tell what he feels for her? Will she accept him? And also know about the interesting myths about the Virgin tree, Hindu College.

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So, these were some of the best romantic books by Indian authors. Any favorites? Do let us know if we missed out any popular ones in the below comment section.

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