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Top Health and Fitness bloggers in India 2020

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Hello readers, I hope you are doing great, Today I am going to share you a list of the top health and fitness bloggers in India and their blog

With the changing lifestyle, bad eating habits, and increasing stress level, health and fitness has become the most important factor in this period, especially in this COVID pandemic health and fitness is became our main priority.

It is well said “ Healthy life is a Happy life”

So, we can say Health and Fitness is one of the main goals for  leading a wholesome lifestyle

Here we bring you a list of top health and fitness bloggers and their blogs that will help you to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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Top Health and Fitness Bloggers in India

Vijay Diwakar


Vijay Diwarkar is a fitness exper, SEO consultant, and a blogger is one of the top health and fitness bloggers who provide you health and beauty related tips for you. Diwakar has been in the health industry for more than 10 years and also inspired people for living a healthy and fit life.

 Apart from health and beauty tips, you will get amazing tips on categories like food, weight loss, lifestyle, hair and skincare, and gym workouts, and training. Don’t miss the latest updates stay connected to

Anjali Shah

BlogPicky Eater

Looking for a healthy vegan and vegetarian recipes? A blog by Anjali Shah is a one-stop solution for amazing healthy vegetarian and vegan food recipes with healthy and wholesome ingredients

. Anjali Shah is a certified health coach, mom, wife, and food lover who wrote a blog on recipes, healthy living (weight loss, fitness, and pregnancy tips), healthy kids( baby and kids friendly recipes and tips, and eating guides. So, don’t miss her amazing blog Picky Eater.


BlogHealth Beckon

Health Beckon by Vineetha is one of the most popular blogs in health and fitness categories. Vineetha is a health practitioner in the field of Ayurvedha, India, she gives expert tips on health and fitness. She strongly believes that there are natural ways to treat medical conditions and maintain a healthy life.  

 Health Beckon provides you information and tips related to diet plans, weight loss, food nutrition facts, and healthy recipes. The main aim of her blog is to create awareness about healthy living. You must follow her blogs for the latest updates.

Kishor Kumar

BlogZig Verve

Zig verve blog by Kishor Kumar brings you the latest and amazing blog related to various lifestyle topics. Kishor Kumar is also known as the top health and fitness blogger in India. He is also a writer, webmaster, and founder of some companies.

Zig verve is a perfect lifestyle blog for Indians which mainly publishes blogs on various topics such as health, fitness, beauty, and fashion. So don’t wait just follow Zig Verve for amazing and informative blogs.

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Samar Pahwa

BlogFind Health Tips

Find Health Tips is part of Blogging Studio, Samar Pahwa is a co-founder of blogging studio and chief blogger of Find Health Tips. He has been actively engaged in Digital Marketing for the last 6 years.

 It is a health and fitness-oriented blog that intends to provide the latest updates, happenings, tips, and news related to health and fitness, and language used in this blog is general English which can be easily understandable by any readers.

Payal Bansal


Payal Bansal is a freelance content writer and a blogger too. She has done a diploma in health and nutrition and holds a master’s degree in English. The depth and variety of topic she covered make her one of the top health and fitness bloggers in India

Her Blog TrendsnHealht primarily dealing with the latest health, fitness, home remedies, motivation, relationship, and much more to encourage her readers to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Apart from this it also publishes spiritual healing and mind-calming contents.

Swati Murti

Blog- Perfect Skin Care for you

Blogging is her passion and she ditched her job in favor of living in her own terms. She holds a master’s degree in software engineering. She is among the top health and fitness bloggers you must follow.


Perfect Skin Care for you is a perfect blog for you because it has everything from skincare and hair to how to live a healthy lifestyle.  She also loves DIY remedies for skin and hair care, so you will quite a few interesting ones in her blog.

RD Payal Banka

Blog-  Diet Burp

Payal Banka, a nutritionist and registered dietician and also established an obesity and diabetes clinic at Niramaya Medical Research Centre, Maharashtra. Payal always had a special love for writing and she has been the editor of the Nirmaya Medical Journal.

Diet Burp by Payal brings out healthy recipes, fitness, beauty tips, and diet plans, etc to encourage her audience to live a healthy life. Don’t miss her blog stay connected for the latest updates.

Final verdict

These are the top health and fitness bloggers in India. All the above bloggers are very experienced in the field of health and fitness so you must read all their latest blogs to stay healthy and motivated and let us know which one of these blogs inspires you to lead a healthy lifestyle in below comment box.

If you found this article useful don’t keep this to yourself just share with your friends and family and express your thoughts on the comment section.

Stay healthy and happy !!

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